About Us

The day we decided to make the account!

We have known each other since we were about 2 years old. We grew up in the same friend group of other Chinese adoptees and attended similar camps. We were both a part of FCC-North Texas which is a chapter of FCCNY, now called Chinese Adoptee Alliance (CAA). We also attended China Camp together, which is part of Dillon International's summer heritage camps.

As we got older, we both stopped attending China Camp and lost touch. Once we were both on social media, we reconnected and met up at Six Flags around February 2015, which is when this account was created.  We originally made the account as a way to talk about the struggles we've faced and endured with being adopted. In 2020, we decided to be a lot more active and make the account public. This is when we decided to change the name from A Place for Adoptees to Navigating Adoption. It was a space for us to still talk about the struggles, but also, help educate the uneducated on everything and anything adoption-related.