Navigating Adoption Through Mentorship Program

Welcome to our new (and improved) mentorship program!

We are not doing background checks on our mentors and are screening them through video applications. This program is designed for peers to connect with each other. Please use your own judgement when discussing methods of contact. We encourage that you do not share personal information beyond mail address, email address, and social media handles. This program does not serve as a form of counseling. If you are in need of professional help, please contact your local medical professionals. We are also not responsible for any communication outside of our Discord server. Any means of contact outside of this server will not be monitored by Navigating Adoption and participants should use their own discretion in sharing information.

May 24, 2024 Announcement

We are so excited to announce the relaunch of our mentorship program for the upcoming year. After taking one year off to restructure and rebrand the program, we are looking forward to seeing our new changes in action. To learn more about the program and get involved, please see the information down below.


Connecting Adoptees to Navigate Adoption Through Mentorship

The Navigating Adoption Through Mentorship program is an international program founded in 2022 designed under Navigating Adoption for the purpose of allowing adoptees to connect with one another and discuss their life experiences, including hardships and overcoming obstacles. The goal is to provide adoptees with a proper resource for adoption-related topics through peers. Research has shown that adoptee support groups are one of the best ways for adoptees to work through adoption issues while also providing them with a sense of belonging and community. Therefore, this program aims to do just that. This is open to adoptees ages 7 and up. Adoptee mentors must be at least 21 by the start of the program and you must be an adoptee to participate. Mentorship matches will be based on factors such as gender, age, and adoption country. Adoptees will also have the chance to connect through email or snail mail, or even social media. 

There is no maximum age to be a mentor or a mentee but you must be at least 21 years of age by the start of the program* to be a mentor and at least 7 years of age by the start of the program to be a mentee.If you are an adoptee, we highly encourage you to apply for this program and we welcome you to share it with others who are interested as well. If you have any questions about this program, please reach out to us at

*The start of the program is at the end of August each year.

Quotes from Participants

"I have enjoyed the growth that I have seen in the relationship [my mentee] and I have developed and the closeness and support we have!"

"We are connecting really well and having great conversations."

"My mentee (pen pal because we’re almost the same age) are super busy but still make time to connect because we want too. You did a great job of matching us up, thanks :)"

"Being paired up with [my mentee] and making a new friend whose friendship will continue outside of this program. It was a pleasant surprise that my mentee was more of a penpal and/friend :)"

"I like the opportunity to meet other adoptees and discuss adoptee related issues."

24-25 Application Timeline


Who can be a mentor and mentee? What are the qualifications?

Mentors must be of at least 21 years of age by the start of the program and mentees must be of at least 7 years of age. The only qualification is that you are adopted!

Is this program international?

Yes! Our goal is to connect adoptees globally. We have accommodated for any language and location barriers.

Is this program only for Asian adoptees?

Nope! This program is open to any and all adoptees! International, domestic, Chinese, Korean. No matter the background, as long as you are adopted you can apply for our program!

If I am a mentor, can I also be a mentee?

For participant purposes, we ask that you choose to either be a mentor or a mentee. This is so everyone gets the chance to connect with another adoptee.

What if I want a mentor closer to my age or who is the same gender as me?

In the applications, you can indicate what type of matching preferences you would like. This includes someone who is the same age as you (or close to), same gender, adopted from the same country, etc.

If I am not adopted, can I participate in this program?

The goal of this program is to be a peer adoptee mentorship program. Therefore, only adoptees are allowed to participate in this program. We are connecting adoptees with other adoptees to talk about shared life experiences, give advice, etc. If you would like to be educated on the experiences of being adopted, you are welcome to read our adoptee spotlights or visit our social media pages where we share some of our own personal experiences.